We Rise Together

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The power of working together

We Rise Together accelerates equity in the Chicago region’s economic recovery to help ensure Black and Latinx communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis are not left behind, supporting a stronger region for all. Without a coordinated approach to economic recovery that includes new community and commercial investments, improved jobs, and entrepreneurial supports, the damage to Black and Latinx communities—and therefore to the region as a whole—could be irreversible.

Housed at The Chicago Community Trust, We Rise Together unites partners and resources from philanthropy, business, community, nonprofits, and local governments.

Three levers of change, philanthropy, business practices, and public policy and practices, will help drive neighborhood investment, strengthen Black and Latinx businesses, and increase quality, resilient employment.

We Rise Together responds to the pandemic recession with a force that’s proven and powerful: Chicago’s determination, energy and ambition.

Our response

We are resolved that this time economic recovery for the Chicago region will mean equitable, resilient growth. We Rise Together is changing the recovery status quo, uniting partners and leveraging resources.

Together, we’re tackling barriers to economic opportunity by pooling resources, engaging communities, the private sector and other public and private funders, and acting with a coordinated response.


Accelerate equitable economic recovery for Black and Latinx communities by pooling and distributing philanthropic resources.

Reform and advance public policies and business practices to ensure our region invests more equitably moving forward.

Desired outcomes

Spur transformational development in long-disinvested communities

Strengthen Black and Latinx businesses

Increase quality, resilient employment opportunities

We envision a Chicago region where all communities are valued, and neighbors do more than survive. They thrive.