How It Works

Building a sustainable economic foundation will take intentional grant investments, inclusive business practices and equitable public policy.

Our Approach

We Rise Together takes a community centered approach to investing in neighborhoods, strengthening Black and Latinx businesses and increasing quality, resilient employment to accelerate an economic recovery.

By working together, we will accomplish more for Chicago than if we worked independently.

Learn more about We Rise Together’s goals and approach.

Leveraging Grant Investments

Connecting corporate and philanthropic resources with community visions

Since September 2021, We Rise Together has awarded more than $18.6 million in grants, including $14.3 million to 17 real estate developments in 13 Chicago neighborhoods and Cook County. These neighborhood anchor grants have unlocked $191 million in previously stalled community projects.

Grant making at this scale is possible through pooled contributions to the We Rise Together Fund. We identify and support projects and programs already vetted by communities so our grant making meets the urgency of the moment and aligns with community visions.

Inclusive Business Practices

Transforming systems and practices to drive equity.

  • Working with businesses to advance inclusion in talent and procurement
  • Measuring progress of private sector commitments and actions through 5/25 Move to Action

Learn more about 5/25 Move to Action.

Read about top strategies for more inclusive business practices.

Equitable Public Policy

Advancing public policy and practices that ensure the recovery does not leave Black and Latinx individuals and households behind.

  • Addressing systems that create barriers to services and benefits to eligible households
  • Advocating for public sector investment in structures that support availability of critical services such as broadband and affordable housing

We Rise Together is an accelerator in the economic recovery to help ensure Black and Latinx communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis are not left behind, supporting a stronger region for all.